1. Do we have to bring our own hardware and software? 
    It is strongly recommended that you bring your own laptops/devices to work on. However, depending on the location, there is a chance for you to use the computers there. 

  2. Is there wi-fi provided? 
    Yep! Free wifi is provided at our venue. 

  3. How is food arranged? 
    We will be providing food and snacks at Makers. If you do have dietary requirements, please let us know when you sign up or via email. 

  4. Sleeping arrangements? 
    Unfortunately, you won't be able to stay overnight for Makers. However, we do finish quite late and open up early to give you as much time as possible. 

  5. Do I own the Intellectual Property of what I create? 
    Yes. You own 100% of the IP of what you create at the event. However, there will be a number of people at Makers who may want to invest in what you create. 

  6. How are the winners decided?
    During the pitching stage, we will have 2-4 judges that will decide amongst themselves.  

  7. How are teams formed? 
    You can form a team beforehand or during the event, where the Makers Team can facilitate this process. Ultimately it will be up to you decide who you will prefer to work with. 

  8. Is there a maximum number of people in a team? 
    No, there isn't a set number of people in a team. However, we do encourage you to work with people you may have not worked with before and in smaller teams. 

  9. What is the target audience of Makers events?
    Makers is open to everyone! The theme will dictate what you may be creating over the weekend.  

  10. Is there a specific device that I have to create for? 
    Nope! There are no restrictions on what you can create at the event, except that it has to be related to the theme. 

  11. What's the deadline to register for Makers? Can I sign up on the day or bring a friend? 
    Whilst you can bring someone during the day or turn up without having registered before, we highly encourage you to sign up at least by the night before so we can organise food, materials and finalise logistics. 

If you have any other questions, please reach out to the Makers Team at: makers@nomoss.co