Work in the most popular firewall in the world, just don't get terminated!

You are a part of Sort™, the software responsible for arranging data alongside your state-of-the-art detection algorithms. Swipe data to where it belongs, being mal-aware of viruses and other nasty bugs that will ruin the system. Be careful though - too many mistakes and you might just find yourself being terminated by your user!

Remember the Sort™ motto - Safe and Satisfied!

Sort™. Internet security, as easy as a swipe.

Deceptively Simple

Sort the incoming data packets by swiping in the set direction. But don't go sending files everywhere! Too many mis-sorts, or letting malicious files through is a sure-fire way to get Sort uninstalled.

Don't forget to stay online: flips, rotations and disorientations can throw you off your sense of direction. Can you outsmart those pesky files and stay on top of your directional game?

Key Features

  • Sort is a technologically-inspired love letter to rhythm games, match-threes, and games that get you talking
  • Fast paced, twitch gameplay meets arcade puzzler
  • Aim for the top of the leaderboards with your friends
  • Designed for mobile, compatible with PCs and consoles
  • Quick-sort your way through the first two levels – introducing the mirror mod

Sort runs on a rolling progress and encourages open discussion, so you get the best experience!