Life in the world's most popular firewall sure is tough!

No sneaky packets of data are left undetected by Sor's state-of-the-art detection algorithms. But unfortunately, finding things is all it's good at.

Your role is to sort those packets back to where it belongs (or maybe quarantine)... but be fast and accurate – Safe and Satisfied is the motto!

Sor™. Internet security, as easy as a swipe.

Deceptively Simple

It's easy: sort the incoming packets by swiping in the determined direction. But don't go sending files willy-nilly. Too many false positives (or even worse, letting malicious files through) is a sure-fire way to get Sor↖ uninstalled.

Don't forget to stay Mal-aware: flips, rotations and disorientations can throw you off your sense of direction. Can you outsmart those pesky files and stay on top of your directional game?

Key Features

  • Sor↖ is a technologically-inspired love letter to rhythm games, match-threes, and games that get you talking
  • Fast paced, twitch gameplay meets arcade puzzler
  • Aim for the top of the leaderboards with your friends
  • Designed for mobile, compatible with PCs and consoles
  • Quick-sort your way through the first two levels – introducing the mirror mod

Sor↖ runs on a rolling progress and encourages open discussion, so you get the best experience!