What is Makers?

Makers is a community-guildhouse-meets-incubator with a focus on learning through creating. On the surface, it is a startup accelerator program punctuated with prototyping events every six weeks. Under the hood, it is a community of people who put their sweat where their ideas are. The results to date are a rate of five products to market for every fourteen days of prototyping at Makers.

Makers: Health (December) is the third in a series of health focused events being run by No Moss Makers. This time, we're tacking the theme of Supporting Your Network - connecting with friends and supporting acquaintances. We're partnering with Hello Sunday Morning, who will be giving us anonymized access to their data, application and network of over 7,000 users.

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Makers: Health (DECEMBER)

Supporting your Network
5:45pm Dec 1st to 2:00pm Dec 3rd.
3/487 Elizabeth St.

Build better tomorrows together. Calling all health practitioners, designers, developers, engineers, carers and creators to get stuff done. Pair-create prototypes amidst a Maker-friendly buzz to launch finished products.

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why people attend makers



form partnerships

Connect with creatives. Meet the gang at NoMoss, and form partnerships with other Makers. If you are part of an organisation, join us in co-innovating the next event!



learn, ideate, create

Don't know how to code, compose or design? Use this space to practise your current skills, and learn new ones! Work on a concept,  and make something out of it!


stay connected

Receive the advice, resources and tools to share your idea and passion with the world. Apply for grants, and launch what you have made!