"a rolling stone gathers no moss, & instead pursues a certain polish"



we provide agile training to help you transform the ways of working within your organisation.

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“redesigning organisations for agility & empathy.”

We are a management consultancy with an emphasis on agility. We equip teams with the ability to adapt quickly to change, giving your organisation a competitive advantage.

Our approach is person by person, team by team. We provide people and organisations with the mindset, skills and fluency in agile.


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“No Moss broke open a watershed of Agile thinking. Our organisation has been transforming for the better ever since.”
— John Cameron, CEO, Two Bulls

We helped Two Bulls understand their Agile maturity, which catalysed their business transformation and led to their success as one of Australia's leading digital agencies.


We provided executive coaching, transformation consulting and training services to business units of 1000+ people; enabling a doubling of throughput, re-organisation toward product and service centricity, and bespoke scaled approach recognised as the most mature in the group.


We provided certification training toward agility for executive to line staff level, and hands on coaching at scale to broker management, marketing, human resources, technology, and support functions, to enable continuous improvement towards agile fluency.


We provided organisational transformation and agile coaching services to the IT department enabling increased visibility, transparency and communication with the business resulting in a clearer, prioritised backlog of work and sense of 'best for the company'.


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