"a rolling stone gathers no moss, & instead pursues a certain polish"

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Who are we?



As a purpose-driven games studio and consultancy, we challenge our players, our customers and ourselves. We strive to deliver big ideas in small packages, driven by our heartfelt ideas and ambitions.


Our Clients

A.L.I.C.E. - S1T2

We helped to deliver a game to UNSW, promoting cybersecurity education among students.

We contributed to programming of the game, as well as assisting with design.


We have helped to improve a high-end racing simulation, assisting both with programming and rendering of high-LOD 3D models.

Jack the Super Prawn

We were responsible for delivering an end-to-end project promoting aquatic ecology among children. This was fully developed in house with our full service team.


Our endeavours

Core to our design philosophy is innovating on the way we develop games. As part of this, we regularly create prototypes for new projects, and use this as an opportunity to grow our skills, as well as examine new technologies.


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