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we tackle real-world issues by facilitating innovation events.

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We’re re-inventing Makers!

Makers has always been about fostering a community of innovative engineers, and empowering people to actively tackle the problems they see. In an attempt to re-align our programs to these goals, we have decided to go back to the drawing board to ‘innovate’ our events and bring a bigger, and better Makers in 2019.

As such, we’ve put our event Makers: Fintech on hold. Thanks for bearing with us!

- Makers Team


What is Makers?

Makers is the innovation branch of No Moss. We organise events focused on designing and prototyping products targeted at real world issues. 

If you're passionate about making new things and meeting new people, we'd love to have you! No technical or design experience required. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of our next event!


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an ongoing experiment in innovation patterns.

Need a fresh take on your hackathon, innovation program or incubator? Work with us to access a community of people who have been able to take five products to market for every fourteen days of prototyping. Makers is a community-guildhouse-meets-incubator with a focus on learning through creating: think startup accelerator program punctuated with prototyping events every six weeks.

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Say hello at makers-team@nomoss.co
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