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Need a fresh take on your hackathon, innovation program or incubator? Work with us to access a community of people who have been able to take five products to market for every fourteen days of prototyping. Makers is a community-guildhouse-meets-incubator with a focus on learning through creating: think startup accelerator program punctuated with prototyping events every six weeks.

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Makers: Health (DECEMBER)

Elevating Support
5:45pm Dec 1st to 2:00pm Dec 3rd.
3/487 Elizabeth St.

Makers: Health (December) is the third in a series of health focused events being run by No Moss Makers. This time, we're tacking the theme of Elevating Support - promoting mental health awareness and support training. We're partnering with Hello Sunday Morning, who will be giving us anonymized access to their data, application and network of over 7,000 users.