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Citizen Science Jan17

Makers Day: Citizen Science

Jan 20th - 22nd @ No Moss Co

people powered research

Contribute to science without a formal qualification.
Calling all scientists - amateur or professional, researchers, developers, engineers, educators and creators to get stuff done. Pair-create prototypes amidst a Maker-friendly buzz to launch research of the people, by the people.

Experiment and discover with us.



discover partnerships

Build working relationships that get stuff done. Be paired with a like-minded individual on the day and pair-design a vision to bring to life.


apply for grants

Make a change in the world. Involve the community, scale your research project and apply for up to $4 million in government grants.

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post-hack support

Stay connected with our community of makers. Receive the advice, resources and tools to share your idea and passion with the world.

see our experimental prototypes

"I enjoyed every second of it. Makers were delivering feature after feature, and tackling new domains. Plus, the organisers supported us to meet new people and bond over a constant supply of food. It really makes a difference seeing ideas and partnerships come to life."

- Angela Mao

"It was tense and challenging to set yourself the goal of delivering something in 48 hours. As we got closer to the end, the feeling turned to exhilaration when we realised we had built something literally from nothing and started to see its possibilities."

- Paul Tran