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Playful Arts Mar17

Makers Day: Playful ArtsMar 3rd - 5th @ No Moss Co

Thank you

It was a privilege to host everyone this Makers Day.

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the high art of play

Because a thousand untold stories can be told here. Calling all game designers, developers, artists, musicians, writers and creators to get stuff done. Pair-create prototypes amidst a Maker-friendly buzz to launch finished products.

theme: Financial Games

Business sims. Tycoon-style games. Teach young and old alike financial literacy. Play with money, games where the hero needs to make a buck. Play that teaches economics.


"Fun and exciting. Enjoy all the creativity, collaboration and hard work of game making in just one weekend."

- David Wang 

"Makers Day was a very challenging process, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoyed the company of the people, and it was a very comfortable environment to work on my project."

- Lee Mertens-Weldon

"I thought it had really fun vibes, to hang out with people who were really passionate about making stuff."

- Cat Hoanganh

"Makers Day kind of is a party - a bunch of like-minded people coming together to test, trial, ponder and play. The biggest difference is that come Sunday arvo, you have something you can really be proud of (which is at least 1000x better than a hangover)."

- Jared Bedford