"a rolling stone gathers no moss, & instead pursues a certain polish"


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we are a company driven by people who care.

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we are a boutique consultancy specialising in tech, agility, games, and innovation.

our purpose is our people's purpose.


meet the team.

Anja Thompson

delivery | ux design

to use tech to better the world.

Rachel Liang

makers | innovation

to change people's lives for the better.

james o'toole

tech | architecture

to show that tech can make the world better.


Julian Meyer

delivery | java & PHP

to explore through creativity.

shirley zhang

tech | management

to create useful and meaningful things.

steven ma

agility | executive

to make work more human.

Penny Ou

delivery | developer

to make one’s learnings whole.

Nathan Radsavanh

delivery | full-stack developr

to help inspire people discover their passion.

zhiming chen

games | internships

to explore every experience.

Murray Grange

agility | customer

to increase team satisfaction and sustainability.

holly fung

creative | ux | front end

to explore creativity & aesthetics.

paul tran

tech | products

to build meaningful products that matter

reuben moorhouse

games | makers

to help people turn passions into projects.

daum park

games | creative

to enrich
through games.

michael fung

delivery | UIUX

to lower barriers to connecting.

byron chen

games | art

to accompany fellow makers on the journey of development.